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The IAB offers industry-leading guidance and
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Discover the Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers, your gateway to a world of financial expertise and career success. As a prestigious membership organisation and awarding body, we empower individuals worldwide with top-notch qualifications in bookkeeping, payroll, and finance.

Enjoy accredited training, unwavering support, and continuous development. Plus, as an IAB member, you’ll have access to weekly support, live Q&As with successful bookkeepers, AML supervision, and a valuable TAX & VAT helpline.



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Embark on an exciting bookkeeping journey that aligns with your busy lifestyle and existing commitments. Start your career or business by enrolling in an Ofqual-regulated IAB bookkeeping qualification. Designed to accommodate your schedule, our flexible study options ensure a seamless transition into the world of bookkeeping.

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IAB membership is your secret weapon for a successful career! With a wide range of services, benefits, and industry updates at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to achieve your goals and reach the top of your field.



Choose the IAB for AML Supervision

The IAB offers industry-leading guidance and expertise in money laundering regulations. Through their AML supervision program, practitioners gain access to valuable course modules and content that have been proven to improve AML ratings.

Don’t just take our word for it!

The IAB is the backbone of my business, providing a strong selling point to all potential clients. I am supported with a constant flow of legislation and advice, available on demand. The IAB shows me how to keep my business compliant, my status professional and their communication is fun and refreshing!

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I cannot fault the training course or the support I have received. I am more than happy to recommend the IAB as a very successful career pathway of support and reassurance.

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I have hired accounting staff with IAB qualifications knowing that they know their double entry and are solid and reliable and understand finance as I expect them to. I have found the IAB to be useful throughout my career, it’s a great stepping stone into an organisation, and employers were given confidence that you had a thorough grounding in book-keeping and double entry as well as good knowledge of finance. 

Been an IAB Member for over 10 years but this year during lockdown they really upped their game. Hosting bi-weekly zoom coffee meetings bringing together bookkeepers for general updates, chat and advice along with Guest Speakers on a variety of areas they were invaluable and really raised the IAB profile and were a great support to us all especially sole practitioners.

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Thank you for all you do with regard to the AML supervision processes. I approached the new form of submitting the application with some trepidation, but once engaged with the process I soon realised that it is mutually beneficial to IAB as regulators and myself as a practitioner where it is an invaluable aid to good compliance and housekeeping. AML Complete is mutually beneficial to IAB as regulators and myself as a practitioner where it is an invaluable aid to good compliance and housekeeping.

The IAB has really helped me set up my own bookkeeping practice. I get immediate access to relevant, up-to-date and practical resources. My Professional membership with the IAB allows me to back-up my bookkeeping credentials with an official and industry-leading accreditation which helps me gain trust from prospective clients and build up my clientele.

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The IAB is truly a global credential and gave me a broader perspective into the world of bookkeeping.

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The IAB have provided technical knowledge, support and resources via their newsletters and podcasts and have provided invaluable advice to me which helps me support my clients in the best way possible.

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I joined the IAB in 2007 and the IAB have guided and supported me throughout my bookkeeping journey. Being regulated by them has enabled me to keep up to date with all the legislative requirements, ensure my record keeping is GDPR compliant, and has provided me with the weight to get new and old clients to comply with my business requirements. I have always found them helpful, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable and would not want to run my organisation without their support and guidance. It is priceless.

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I am passionate about helping other bookkeepers who like me face the challenges of AML and simply running a business. My voluntary role as an Ambassador with the IAB enables me to do this.


The IAB Group

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Mo karolia
Mo Karolia
The IAB (Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers) are an amazing company with a support team that is 2nd to none. I have found when ever there is a question to be asked they will always point me in the right direction and support me tirelessly in my career. The online support and the ever growing assistance has been exceptional and has completely changed my life for the better. I truly am honored to be working with such an amazing team with a fantastic work ethic and support system for ALL its members
Rachel roden
Rachel Roden
IAB are a fantastic organisation who offer training and support for bookkeepers and accountants across the UK. Their website is my first go to for information and a great support.
Siobhan draper
Siobhan Draper
Invested, supportive and professional organisation that really looks out for it's members 👌
Gokul gokul
Gokul Gokul
Excellent service
Janet smith
Janet Smith
I've been a member of the IAB for 10 years now and have always found them to be extremely helpful. In 2020 when we all got hit by the pandemic, the IAB really stepped up and really helped us all through the lockdown with up-to-date information on furlough and payroll changes. I can't rate them highly enough. Thank you
Jennifer barker miab
Jennifer Barker MIAB
I have been a member of the IAB for many years, through my whole bookkeeping career. The IAB shows my clients that I am a professional in my field and that I comply with high standards to practice as a bookkeeper. For the last 12 months I have attended all their coffee mornings, that have been priceless support for my knowledge of the current changes in the industry. The information received adds great value to my business and the receiving end of my clients. Now working as an IAB Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to work with the team and other bookkeepers, discussing all current and future support provided to all their members. I am very excited about all the plans ahead; the new website is excellent and the ever-growing support is priceless!