Accountants are the happiest workers and more sociable | accountants

Accountants are the happiest workers and more sociable

Accountants and finance workers claim to be the happiest workers in the UK and the profession can even be perceived as ‘cool’.

In a survey of different industry sectors various factors made up an average score index out of 100, with the accounting profession scoring 72, equal with healthcare. The legal sector was close behind with a score of 71.

Rob Jones, director at TCP group said: ‘There has been a shift to the out-of-date “norm” over the last five years or so in accountancy, in relation to the stereotype that the position is boring or nerdy.

‘The fundamentals of accountancy have not changed dramatically, in that it still requires skill, intelligence and hard work, however the relationship between accountants and clients has become closer, and as a result, more sociable.

‘You could argue that the stereotype accountant is socially awkward, just sits behind a desk and crunches numbers, however in recent years we are seeing a change in personnel in the industry that is more outgoing, a more valued business partner and dare I say it, cool.’

The survey asked for opinions on culture, diversity, work/life balance, senior leadership, compensation, and career development.

The worst jobs had a lack of flexibility and working hours, with the accounting sector having the third happiest rating out of the 10. Although, for accountants’ certain times of the year may not be as flexible as others.

Least content were workers in the transport and logistics sector, with a score of 61.2. The factors bringing it down were compensation and quality of senior leadership.

Amanda Payne, director of operations at The Futures Group said: ‘The scores paint a vivid picture of perceived career happiness across diverse sectors. These figures provide valuable insights into the diverse landscape of professional contentment, allowing individuals to gauge their own career happiness against industry benchmarks.

‘I firmly believe that true success in a career is not necessarily about achieving professional milestones but finding genuine happiness in the work we do.’

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