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  • I found that studying through distance learning was excellent – there is a lot to learn, but the courses are well structured and make sense, the self test assessments are good for reinforcing what I had learned, and the workbooks are comprehensive and explain things well. The support I got from Di Garbera at Golding Computer Services was great - she is always happy to help and I never felt “stuck”. All in all a great start to my bookkeeping learning journey!

    Adam Watson
  • Studying on a distance learning course is a really flexible way of tailoring your studies around your work and home life. For this reason distance learning really appealed to me. I have a busy life and trying to commit to a set day or evening every week was difficult for me. I was able to study when and where I wanted and also being able to control how quickly I could complete the course was so helpful. I was always confident I was on top of my studies; if I was busy one week ...

    Caroline Lylak
  • I completed my IAB Level 1 Computerised Accounting for Business with Sage through my Adult Education College in Dec 2013 which I found to be OK but I didn’t feel that I got anything extra out of sitting in a classroom environment. I then considered learning through a distance learner and did a lot of research on the companies that actually run your courses. As Goldings were a Silver awarded company, I called them. I spoke with Di whose telephone manner was impeccable. ...

    Tracey Stewart
  • As a member of "IAB", I find the services provided by this organisation excellent.  It helps me to achieve my work goals and keep up to date with current financial information. I really enjoyed the newsletter that I read at my own pace.  I find all the IAB staff extremely supportive.  The CPD structure is so flexible that it fits in with my other commitment. I would definitely recommend membership to anyone.What a fantastic organisation!

    MT Collins MIAB AIAAP

Membership Application Process

To receive a copy of the application form for professional membership please contact the Membership Department: or +44 (0)1732 897750.  Once you have completed the application form please submit this to the IAB Head Office, which must include the following:

  • The name & addresses of two referees (unless you have been advised otherwise)  
  • The correct application fees
  • Certified copies of your qualification, unless they are IAB qualifications in which case please provide your IAB student number.

Once this has been received at the IAB Head Office the Membership Department will complete the following:

  • Check through your application to confirm that it is correctly completed, with the correct fees and documentary evidence attached.  If there is any issue we will contact you to advise you of what needs to be done in order for us to process your application.
  • Begin processing the application by e-mail acknowledging receipt of your completed application and making contacting with your referees usually via e-mail unless only a postal address is supplied.
  • Please note that your application fees are processed at this time, should the Membership Committee suggest an alternative grade of membership to that proposed by the Membership Department or indeed refuse an application the subscription fee is refunded accordingly.  There is no refund for the administration/exemption fee.
  • Should your application not progress within a month of beginning the application process the Membership Department will contact you to discuss how we can assist in moving your application forward to the next Membership Meeting.

Once the Membership Department has received back suitable replies from your referees, we will place your paperwork before our Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee meet once a month to consider applications from members for a variety of requests such as transfers and re-instatements as well as new member applications.

Within two days of the Membership Meeting the Membership Department will contact you via e-mail or letter if there is no e-mail address to inform you of the Committees decision.  Your Membership Certificate will follow within the next month.  Should you change address within this time please remember to notify the IAB.