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The Pensions Regulator – Key media messages: January 2015

January key fact:
Around 100,000 employers will receive letters in the next three months telling them they have one year to go before their staging date.

Source: The Pensions Regulator: January 2015 

Automatic enrolment: Look out for a letter from The Pensions Regulator
The Pensions Regulator will be writing to all small and micro employers over the coming months to ensure they know when their new workplace pensions duties start. The letter will provide key information such as the date the law applies to them and the process through which they can provide a nominated contact to the regulator to receive regular, useful and relevant information in the run up to the date at which they need to comply with their duties.

Have you already checked the dates that the law will apply to your clients?

If not, click here to confirm when your client’s staging date is and get ahead of the curve.

Automatic enrolment: 86% of small and 75% of micro employers believe that automatic enrolment is a ‘good idea’ for their workers.
Recent research carried out by The Pensions Regulator indicates that workplace pensions are becoming the norm, with the majority of small and micro employers indicating that they believe it to be a ‘good idea’.

Do you know the services that you will offer your clients to help them meet their duties?

Click here for a planning tool to help identify what needs to be done and by when.

Automatic enrolment: Over 5 million workers have now been automatically enrolled into a pension scheme

While it’s automatic for workers, it’s not automatic for employers who will need to plan and prepare for the steps they need to take in order to comply with the law and avoid a financial penalty.

Do you have all the information you need to help your clients?

Click here to find out what resources The Pensions Regulator can offer.

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