Remember, your brain needs its basic nourishment, to fuel your day!

The majority of us know that eating healthy can lead to an effective and productive day. But depending on your personal backgrounds, many of us don’t know the science behind particular foods and its benefit to our bodies. Unless you come from a science back ground of course, then you are already aware of how important it is to source the right foods, to nurture our brains.

Not only can healthy eating help you sit through a 5 hour exam, but brain food makes the cells in our blood stronger, giving the body a head start to fight any germs, diseases or illnesses.

Let us take for example wholegrain; brown cereals, granary bread, brown pasta or even brown rice. It is a well-known fact that there are a higher percentage of women who already opt for wholegrain. Whereas, some men think ‘brown bread or white bread makes no difference, bread is bread’.

But when you think about that particular moment when our brains need to focus, it actually needs a steady supply of energy to be able to concentrate on all those figures and countless units. Feeding our brain chocolates, biscuits, crisps or energy drinks, at the last minute can make you forget, what you’ve been studying for weeks. This is because these types of foods releases glucose for a short period and usually give you more energy than you need which comes to an end suddenly. But with wholegrain, it releases a stable amount of glucose into our bloodstream, throughout the day, not just within 15 minutes of eating it.

Also try eating more: Oily Fish or Omega-3 fish oil, Pumpkin Seeds, Soya Beans, Blueberries, Tomatoes, Vitamin B, Blackcurrants, Broccoli, Sage & Assorted Nuts. All of which can improve memory loss, protect against diseases, increase mental agility and boost brainpower!

Obviously you didn’t join The International Association of Bookkeepers to learn about science. But you have come to the next stage in your profession and want to develop your career and build your future. So aside the daily exercise and eating healthy, remember to eat food which will help your brain survive longer and function to its fullest potential!

To all the IAB students out there, don’t forget to feed the body part which has got us this far in life! Treat it appropriately and we will all get further in life.


Article by Ayshah Mubeen Butt

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