Webinar – The Death of Email and How to Overcome it


Outlook was released 23 years ago – and it’s still one of the UK’s favourite email clients. But email has steadily been on the decline – in fact usage is down 18% with 25-35 year olds and a whopping 60% with Generation Z. So if email usage is down and people aren’t communicating less (which they aren’t), where are they going? Collaboration software (such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Flock) is an obvious answer.

Email has also been villainised as an unsecured method of communication – liable to cyber-criminals hacking into your account and intercepting your messages. Well, not all is lost as there are still ways to use email without the impending security risks. We will delve into these methods, how you can utilise other ways of communicating and why cloud is important in this 60 minute webinar.

Registration link – https://www.smartvault.com/resource/the-death-of-email/

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