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Top Tips for using PowerPoint: Take Your Slides To The Next Level

These days most people are familiar with PowerPoint presentations. It’s pretty easy to put together a slideshow, but making it engaging and flow seamlessly is another thing all together!

There are a number of techniques that you can employ to improve the composition of your presentations. Try the features below and take your presentations to new heights:

Headings – Headings are one of the most straightforward ways of giving a sense of logical flow through a presentation. We can simply number headings (e.g. 4. Sales database) or use a subheading with the main heading retaining the link to the section of the presentation we are in.

Comments – Most people don’t use comments in PowerPoint, however they make sure that both message and flow are not lost if the slide pack is read as opposed to presented live.

Carrying forward numbers and concepts – Flow is particularly important in quantitative slides, or slides communicating complex analysis. Following a calculation is tricky at the best of times so make sure your numbers flow consistently and clearly through the presentation to help bring the audience with you.

Hyperlinks – Set up hyperlinks which either jump to another point within your presentation, or open a separate file altogether. They will make your presentations much more interactive and less linear.

Action buttons – Action buttons can be used to set up links between slides in the same way as hyperlinks, but they can also run programs, macros or play sounds.

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PowerPoint – keeping your audience engaged

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