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A career in bookkeeping can lead to great things and be extremely rewarding.

Qualified, professional bookkeepers have a vital role to play in the health of the country’s small businesses.

A good bookkeeper can ensure that any sign of impending financial disaster is flagged up as early as possible. Bookkeepers are good at spotting creditor strain, for example, or can observe when the overdraft limit is constantly being used.

If you’re considering a career in bookkeeping please click on the names below to view case studies from IAB students and professional members about the importance of bookkeeping and why it’s such a rewarding career.

Emma Fone, MIAB

Sandra Silk

Nelson Chan

Mohamed Baah

Trin Tran

Richard Platfoot

Amanda Essen AIAB

Alicja Drazkiewicz MIAB

You can also hear how much our professional members value their membership and how important the IAB qualifications are by viewing the videos below: