Sandra Silk

Sandra Silk is a former IAB student who achieved several IAB manual and computerised bookkeeping and payroll qualifications. She set up her now thriving Bookkeeping business in Salisbury, Wiltshire. She explains how her IAB qualifications have helped her build her business.

“The IAB qualifications gave me a thorough understanding of bookkeeping and payroll through each level and the exams were a good test of that knowledge.

“I took several of the IAB bookkeeping and payroll qualifications, both manual and computerised, gaining knowledge which I could apply in practice. Achieving good results gave me the confidence and motivation, alongside my previous work experience, to start working as a freelance bookkeeper.

“My business has grown steadily over the last 11 years and I employ five bookkeepers. Together we support more than 70 local businesses with their bookkeeping and payroll.

“The bookkeepers I employ have all completed a manual bookkeeping qualification because not only does it show they have gained the knowledge they need to understand bookkeeping, which can be complex at times, it shows their commitment to developing their skills.

“In 2008 I was awarded the IAB’s Payroll Professional of the Year Award and in 2010 received the Bookkeeper of the Year Award with one of my team achieving the Payroll Professional of the Year award.

“It was so rewarding to be recognised in this way both for myself and the business I have built.

“There are lots of bookkeepers and lots of business owners needing the help of a bookkeeper, but to be successful and retain your clients you need to be a good bookkeeper and provide the service your client is looking for.

“The IAB qualifications will set you on the right track to being a good bookkeeper and will provide the support you need once you have qualified.”