Trin Tran

“I chose IAB qualifications because they are well recognised and established within the financial community.”

Trin successfully completed the Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping as a self-study student.  She currently works as a financial director’s assistant.  Her role consists of bookkeeping duties such as raising invoices and checking expenses or entering them onto QuickBooks.

Q: What made you choose bookkeeping as a career route?

A: I chose bookkeeping as a career path because I knew this would be a good way to progress onto different levels through finance.

Q: What was your reason for choosing to study the IAB’s qualifications?

A: I chose IAB qualifications because they are well recognised and established within the financial community.

I chose the self-study route because it allowed me the flexibility so I could study at my own pace and in my own time.  The self-study route was more beneficial for me because I work full time so it also gave me the opportunity to gain a qualification.

Q: How have you found the qualifications? What are the easiest and hardest aspects of studying?

A: I have found the qualification challenging in a good way.  The easiest aspect of studying is knowing you are gaining knowledge in the field and the hardest aspect is remaining motivated throughout my studies.

My financial director is supporting me though with encouragement and the potential of a long-term career in finance.

Q: How do you plan to use the IAB qualifications to build your career?

A: My plans are to continue onto IAB level 3 to be able to gain more knowledge in bookkeeping and become a qualified bookkeeper and to confidently work alongside my financial director with the skills I have gained from the IAB bookkeeping qualifications.

Q: What three pieces of advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying to become a bookkeeper via the self-study route?


  • Stay focused.
  • Try to keep motivated.  It is easy to forget methods of how to solve problems within bookkeeping but keep revising! It helps.
  • If you need help always ask.  The IAB are good at providing assistance.

Q: How have you found teaching yourself the qualification?

A: It has been a learning curve as I found teaching myself the qualification difficult but rewarding.

Q: How useful have you found the resources such as IAB study text books, and past exam papers?

A: I have found the past exam papers very useful.  They help you understand how the IAB qualification is structured and prepare you for the type of questions which may be asked in the exam.

Q: How useful was the support you received from the IAB team?

A: I found the IAB team very useful.  Whenever I was stuck, they pointed me in the right direction.  This helped to give me confidence as I progressed through the qualification.