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Tutor’s Workshop 2015

The IAB Tutors workshop took place on the 17th April, and was met with positive reviews from all attendees with comments such as ‘All presentations attended were brilliant’ and ‘The workshop split is good for PM sessions’

The morning started off with an introduction from Malcolm Trotter, who then introduced Mandy Quantrill the IAB’s New Head of Awarding Body and Operations. Mandy then proceeded to give a brief overview on where the IAB is and what we are currently doing with our qualifications.

Thomas Bird then introduced everyone to the IABOnline (www.iabonline.org.uk) the IAB’s latest testing platform, which will cover not only the knowledge tests but also manual bookkeeping assignments

Rianan Hogg then wrapped up the morning session with an overview of the rules and procedures for registrations and examinations with the IAB

After a hot buffet lunch everyone broke out into the three workshops around Bookkeeping, Computerised Bookkeeping and Payroll. These were repeated and the event finished around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

A copy of all the resources and presentations from the workshops can be downloaded below:

BookkeepingComputerised BookkeepingPayroll
Level 2 Hints and Tips

Level 2 June 2014 Notes

Level 2 June 2014 Question Paper

Level 2 June 2014 Model Answers

Level 3 Hints and Tips

Level 3 June 2014 Notes

Level 3 June 2014 321 Question Paper

Level 3 June 2014 321 Model Answers

Level 3 June 2014 322 Question Paper

Level 3 June 2014 322 Model Answers



Level 1 June 2014 annotated Question paper

Level 1 June 2014 annotated Model Answers

Level 2 June 2014 annotated Question paper

Level 2 June 2014 annotated Model Answers

Examiners answers to queries raised

Moderator’s Notes on Assignments

Computerised Payroll Handout

Level 1 Question paper Annotated

Level 1 Model Answers Annotated

Level 2 Question paper Annotated

Level 2 Model Answers Annotated