Changes to Companies House register protocols

Following a government consultation on corporate transparency, Companies House has stopped removing dissolved records from Companies House service (CHS).

Additionally, dissolved records since 2010 will be put back onto CHS from January 2021.

Companies House said: “Before the change, records of dissolved companies on CHS were removed after six years following dissolution. These dissolved records are currently available for 20 years on other Companies House products for a fee.

“If you are currently a company officer (or were previously), you may wish to review your company records to check if you’ll be affected by this change.”

An application to remove a home address can be made by:

  • an individual
  • a company – on behalf of current or former shareholders (members)
  • a person who registers a charge (mortgage)

You cannot ask to remove your company’s registered office address, even if it’s your home address.


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