‘Concerning’ levels of stress in the workplace

A new survey has found that 48% of the UK population is stressed at least once a week, and for 12% of us it is every single day.

At work specifically, 51.8% of us are regularly stressed (several times a month or more frequently). For a shocking 15%, stress is a daily occurrence at work.

Overwhelmingly, the main cause of our workplace stress is workload, which 43% cite as a stress, suggesting a worrying risk of burnout. More than one in 10 is currently thinking about leaving their job because of stress.

The study, by Cartridge People, quizzed 1,066 employed and self-employed people on stress in their workplace. It released the findings in the run-up to International Stress Awareness Week.

Diana Gall, a GP at Doctor 4 U, said: “The fact that so many Brits consider themselves stressed at least once a week really is concerning. Stress can have very real physical impact on the body and results in things like headaches, sleeplessness, stomach upset and even high blood pressure.

“The study’s findings about the sheer quantity of people stressed at work is a good indicator that mental well-being in the workplace should indeed be taken seriously by employers. Mental health is serious and employees nationwide would benefit from schemes in the workplace to help alleviate unnecessary stress.”

The study also quizzed respondents on how they alleviate their stress, with 39% claiming to take a walk out of the office at least weekly and 27% disappearing to the staff toilets at least once a week to deal with their stress.

  • International Stress Awareness Week runs from 4–8 November 2019

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