Coronavirus forces changes to Insolvency Service’s operations

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic the Insolvency Service (IS) has changed the way it delivers its services. The changes apply to:

· contacting the Redundancy Payments Services helpline.

· contacting the Insolvency Enquiry Line.

· contacting the Official Receiver.

· making a request for information and contacting the Information Rights Team.

· support for businesses.

Contacting the Redundancy Payments Services helpline

The Redundancy Payments Services (RPS) helpline is closed. You will not be able to call the RPS helpline in Edinburgh. Redundancy claims processing continues as normal, so you will still receive regular updates about your claim. The IS’s redundancy guidance contains information about the redundancy claims process. Please check our guidance for answers to your questions.

If the guidance does not answer your questions, you can contact the RPS in the following ways if you need to:

• ask for help filing in redundancy forms online –

• ask about redundancy payments –

• ask about submitting proof of debt forms (POD) forms in a redundancy case –

• ask about financial assistance for employers –

Contacting the Insolvency Enquiry Line

The Insolvency Enquiry Line (IEL) is closed. You will not be able to call the IEL in Leeds. The IEL provides information about bankruptcy, debt relief orders, PPI and company liquidations.

You can contact the Insolvency Service in the following ways to:

• ask about processes administered or regulated by the Insolvency Service (for example bankruptcies, debt relief orders and liquidations) –

• contact the Long Term Assets Distribution teams (LTADT) –

• ask about a debt relief order –

Contacting the Official Receiver

All Official Receiver offices are closed. The Official Receiver is continuing to operate its services. You can contact the Official Receiver by email. Read our guidance our how the Official Receiver is adjusting the way it delivers services during the pandemic, including conducting scheduled interviews, sending us documents and talking to us about an income payment agreement or order.

Making a request for information and contacting the Information Rights Team

While all are offices are closed we cannot receive requests for information by post. We are continuing to process Freedom of Information (FOI) and Subject Access requests. To request information please email

Support for businesses

The government has provided guidance for businesses and announced a package of measures to provide support to ensure the impact of COVID-19 is minimised.

Financial assistance for employers unable to pay statutory redundancy payments

If you cannot afford to pay your employees redundancy pay you can apply to the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) for financial assistance. If approved, the RPS will make statutory redundancy payments directly to redundant employees on an employer’s behalf.

• More details on all of the above can be found at the Insolvency Service’s website


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