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  • Distance learning was the perfect solution for me as i was able to fit it in around my full time job and enabled me to work from home when it suited me. The distance learning option meant I could work to my own time schedule and I was under no pressure to meet a deadline as I booked the exam when I wanted and fealt ready. The course was easy to follow and well structured and my training provider,Groves Training Limited, offered excellent support and feedback throughout the ...

    Deborah Ross
  • There are several things I like about being a member of the IAB, but I think the most important one to me personally is that the organisation is about people.  Helping people, training people and encouraging people to be great bookkeepers. I'm certain my business wouldn't have survived it's first year without their guidance and reassurance.

    Michael Wood AIAB
  • Becoming a member of IAB and now IAAP are two of the best investments I feel I could have become a part of. They represent International bodies that especially in this technological and digital age serve to keep you in the arena of being successful. In almost every fibre of business is bookkeeping and accounting and to be able to not only have the resources and benefits; you can proudly and confidently walk beside other professionals wearing your designated letters behind yo ...

    Tempie Williams, MIAB, AIAAP
  • I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all your help and advice when I recently joined the International Association of Bookkeepers.   I was kept fully informed of all stages of my application and on the acceptance of my membership I was sent a certificate of membership along with a great leather folder of information. I have also needed the assistance of the compliance team when trying to move my supervision for money laundering to the IAB after ...

    Susan Longster MIAB

Distance Learning

Through a distance learning course you can learn skills and useful knowledge in payroll, accountancy and bookkeeping that can be taken into any industry. The flexibility of distance learning allows you to learn in your own time and at your own pace and the beauty of online learning is that it can be studied on the move anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your home.

The term distance learning is a term used for all correspondence courses. Previously these courses were traditionally paper based however now IAB distance learning courses include those providing a complete online e-learning experience with a training platform and a tutor providing support when needed via emails and telephone calls.

The distance learning courses are designed to cater for all stages of your career in bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy. Whether you want to improve the skills you already have or wish to learn new skills for a change of career or lifestyle the range of distance learning courses will help you acquire the correct skills to enhance your career prospects and improve your expertise in your chosen field.


Where can I find an online or distance learning training provider?

To find an online or distance learning training provider please use the centre finder search below.

Distance learning is already selected and you will just have to select the type of qualification you are interested in, eg. Bookkeeping or Payroll.

You will then be shown a list of all distance learning providers who are accredited by IAB to offer that type of course. This list is in a random order each time you search as it doesn’t matter where the training provider is based. Because you are not restrained by the geographical location of the centre, we recommend you contact several providers to give you an idea of the total fees and what is included in the price.


What are the fees for distance and online learning courses?

The fees for IAB qualifications can be found here. These fees are normally included in the course fee you pay your training provider, but this should be checked with them, upon enquiring.


What questions should I ask about distance learning?

You should ask the following questions:

  • Is the IAB qualification registration fee included in the fee I pay you (the training provider)?
  • What is included in the fee, e.g. study text books etc?
  • How long does the tutor support last?
  • Do you have any entry requirements? (While the IAB doesn’t have any fixed entry requirements for its qualifications other than a good understanding of the English language, some IAB Centres do, especially if you are going straight into a higher level e.g. Level 3)


Where and how can I sit the exam if I’m studying through a distance learning provider?

A list of all our external exam centres can be found here.

For further information on distance learning or to speak to an adviser please contact us.

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