Episode 2 – adding value to building success

IAB - Mark TelfordEpisode 2 of the IAB Podcast.
Adding value to building success – the Mark Telford interview

Mark has been running a very successful accountancy practice and has now created a brand new business where he helps other accountants to build better practices.

Mark is an award-winning business owner having won Xero most valuable professional award in 2018 and has now set up a new business called Start Accountants where he coaches and mentors other business owners.

In this episode we discuss
Why referrals and recommendations are a great way to grow your business. Why having more conversations with clients builds stronger relationships and leads to more business.
How Mark built his business to the success it is today using online and offline techniques
And something that not many people know about Mark.

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You can find Mark at MarkTelford.co.uk

Listen in to the podcast here.


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