Friday Roundup 1st May 2020

The news from the week ending 1st May 2020

Janet Jack – CEO
Sarah Palmer – COO
Simon Jordan – Marketing
Rob HarveyCaps Ltd

Below are the notes from the podcast


  • Reference to Coffee morning and the fact we had one of our MLR Inspectors, Rob Harvey along with Jody Newman our Head of Professional Standards available to answer any questions relating Anti Money Laundering
  • HMRC updates about the new Bounce Back Loans


  • Further information about the Bounce Back Loans
  • Update about the HMRC Portal for CJRS
  • New online tool to check for eligibility for government funding due to Covid-19. You can find this on our guide page here


  • Talk through the Inspection Process and what to expect
  • How the Inspections have been adapted in the current circumstances
  • Common mistakes, such as poor CDD
  • Tips and hints to make sure your practice is in good shape
    Link Rob mentioned during his section NCA
  • Zoom Calls and keeping secure
    Zoom came under fire in the early days of lockdown due to security issues. In truth, a good deal of these issues were as a result of users accepting the default settings and not going through the configuration. As a result of the feedback Zoom received, they committed to a 90-day improvement programme and true to their word, many improvements have been made as some of the more critical settings have been changed by default. However, it is still incumbent of users to be aware of potential security issues arising from the use of the platform. The National Cyber Security Council has published this user guide to video conferencing  and the National Police Chiefs Council has produced Zoom specific guidance here.Please take time to read through this advice (easy reads) and become familiar with how you can secure your calls as far as you can.


  • #Gratitude project and why it’s so important.
    The 5 questions to ask yourself each day
  1. What are you most happy about right now?
  2. What are you most proud of that you have achieved so far?
  3. Who loves you?
  4. Who are your friends?
  5. What can you do today to make it a more joyous one?



  • The Bookkeeper has actually gone out this week along with the Tax Cards
  • Hints about the upcoming Webinar Series which will replace the Summer Seminar


Click the image below for the link to the Coffee Morning and listen to past recordings

International Association of Bookkeepers











The IAB Covid-19 Business Guide

The Weekly Wednesday Coffee morning 

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