Friday Roundup 27th March 2020

This is the first of our Friday Roundups providing you with the news from the week.
Janet Jack – CEO
Sarah Palmer– COO
Simon Jordan – Marketing
Below are the notes from the podcast
• IAB is Working from home
• We are in touch with Government Bodies and are releasing updates as soon as we know
• Payroll Processors are deemed as Key Workers
• Follow the FSB as they have the ear of the government
• Follow twitter etc to keep up to date with us.
• This is what I am doing in my business right now
Initial assessment of all clients to understand how critical their business is (this is changing so make sure this is reviewed each day) Example of hospitality
15min call with your whole client portfolio – this is not business as usual but you must be the calm voice of reason
Followed up now with tangible plans – as it’s becoming clearer what grants are on offer we can start producing cash flow forecasts, banks are going to need this info if they are going to lend
Working with new software providers to get the help you need to support your clients
You need to understand that not all your clients will get through this so your income is going to be affected. So make sure you are their go-to person after the panic has subsided they will remember this.
• I will be sharing what I learn through the IAB newsletter etc
• Although we are in crisis mode now this will pass so use the time to get your house in order
• Don’t waste time, learn new software’s like Zoom as this is going to change how we work for a long time to come
• Marketing advice and how to stay at the forefront of your client’s mind and the top ten tips for boosting your business.
• More stuff to follow on this
• Echo charity and what we can do at this time. Please see this link if you can help
• What to expect from the IAB/how we will be keeping in touch like the coffee morning (this will be a good place to pick Sarah’s brains)

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