Friday Roundup 3rd April 2020

The news from the week 3rd April 2020

Janet Jack – CEO
Sarah Palmer – COO
Kris MuCullochBookkeepers Alliance
Simon Jordan – Marketing

Below are the notes from the podcast

Janet to introduce Kris MuCulloch

  • Kris has won the IAB Mentor of the Year Award
  • Kris is also runs the Bookkeepers Alliance


  1. What is the feedback you have been receiving from Members at the moment – discuss
  2. What have you been doing to support your members – discuss

Janet to Sarah:

  1. Sarah I’ve heard you have had some interesting enquires this week relating to clients bending the rules
  • Sarah to give examples of clients asking to re-run wages and putting in false Self Assessment. The message does not get sucked into this trap.
  • Kris to give any examples he may have.

Sarah – this follows on from the letter our Head of Compliance sent out earlier this week reminding people of their Anti Money Laundering Supervision obligations.

Kris/Sarah to give examples of other phishing emails received and give the message we must remain vigilant.

Janet – Coffee mornings and why we are starting these from next week plus

  • Mental Health
  • WFH

Click the image below for the link to the Coffee Morning

International Association of Bookkeepers










Kris and Sarah to comment about how they are structuring their day (or not) tips to help members stay sane

Janet – Awards and what are plans our now that they have been cancelled for 2020.


The IAB Covid-19 Business Guide

The Weekly Wednesday Coffee morning 

Top ten tips for your business during the lockdown.


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