HMRC update: changes to forms 64-8 and SA1

As an Agent you may have dealt with clients who have been seconded to work in the UK. HMRC has released information about some procedural changes that have taken place within the organisation.

The principle changes are where the individual has a full National Insurance number, in these cases where you wish to submit a 64-8 or SA1 these should be submitted direct to the CAAT team at:

Benton Park View
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

using either the online forms or bespoke versions – both of which must be printed and sent direct to the CAAT team at the above address. You can also go through the agents portal when you have the customer’s UTR available, instead of using a form 64-8.

Any forms that have already been submitted to the Expat team for Secondees will be dealt with, however any future receipts of the form 64-8 or SA1 that has a full National Insurance number (irrespective of being received via Shared Workspace or normal post) will be returned with a request for you to submit directly to CAAT.

The web addresses below will be useful for anyone involved in this work.


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