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Few careers offer as much opportunity as bookkeeping! Always in demand, a choice of career paths, flexibility... Imagine the freedom to:

  • Choose when and where to study
  • Develop your skills – then take your career to the next level
  • Boost your earning potential where the sky is the limit

IAB financial qualifications are the smartest investment for anyone who wants to leap ahead – and be the best in their field. Is that you?

As one of the leading bookkeeping organisations in the world, the IAB knows a thing or two about helping people get on in life. Here’s where to start...

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Why is bookkeeping a dream career?

Who wants a job when you can have a career without limits? Find out just how exciting and lucrative bookkeeping can be...

How to become a qualified bookkeeper

All the facts here about how to get qualified – including the routes and study options open to you!

The IAB guide to distance learning

Study for a career ... in your own front room! More about distance learning qualifications in this useful pack...

Unbeatable benefits of IAB membership

Discover the value of IAB membership: unlimited support, money-saving perks and career progression.

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