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Employers today only recruit staff with proven talent. Fact. That’s why it’s crucial to set yourself apart. Ask yourself this. Wouldn’t you rather:

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Now you can. In fact, the moment you join the IAB as a full member, you open the door to opportunities enjoyed by over 10,000 members worldwide. That’s not all…

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Whether you specialise in accounting, bookkeeping or payroll, could this be the day you take your career to the next level? The day you access better job prospects … higher income … expert career support?

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And because you are endorsed by one of the most professional awarding bodies in the UK, you can enjoy the prestige of recognised letters after your name.

Why not explore the diverse routes to membership here, as well as the full list of special benefits here? It couldn’t be easier to join the IAB too. Just register your interest using the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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