Level 3 Certificate in Payroll Administration 601/9047/4

Level 3 Certificate in Payroll Administration 601/9047/4


Aids the candidate to develop further skills and underpinning knowledge related to the administration of payroll in preparation, processing, reconciliation and submission of payroll transactions and data from both a semi-manual and computerised environment

The qualification is made up of:

1 – Online Knowledge Test
2 – Assignment
1 – Examination

Key information:

65 GLH (Guided Learning Hours)
195 hours TQT (Total Qualification Time)

Who is this qualification for?

The Level 3 Certificate in Payroll Administration qualification is specifically aimed at learners who wish to further their studies of payroll and gain a qualification at Level 3 of the regulated qualification framework, either from a point of no previous knowledge, or having already achieved the IAB Level 2 Certificate in Payroll.  It would be hoped, however, that the learners would have some background knowledge of payroll before commencing this qualification.

The qualification will appeal to those learners who already have some practical knowledge and skills and wish to gain an accredited qualification in the subject of payroll.

Learners who are considering a career as a self-employed practitioner will find the course invaluable, as will businesses owners who would like to be actively involved in the gathering, processing and reconciling of payroll data and keeping of payroll records for their business.

What you’ll study

This qualification is made up of the following units:

Employment legislation and payroll preparation – L/508/5802

  • Understand employment legislation as it applies to payroll
  • Understand statutory deduction legislation
  • Understand the calculation and application of statutory additions to pay and leave, for a range of circumstances
  • Understand what constitutes gross pay for a range of pay periods
  • Know what constitutes Gross Pay for a leaver

Determining Gross Pay – D/508/5805

  • Be able to determine an employee’s gross pay from a range of payroll information
  • Be able to calculate statutory additions to pay by applying correct legislative criteria
  • Be able to determine termination payments from a range of information
  • Be able to identify and respond to errors and queries efficiently and effectively

Payroll Processing – T/508/5809

  • Be able to prepare and maintain employee payroll information
  • Be able to ensure compliance with current legislation and regulations relating to payroll processing
  • Be able to prepare a range of period end payroll reconciliations for internal and external use
  • Be able to complete statutory and non-statutory reporting in line with current regulations and organisational requirements

Computerised Payroll Administration – T/508/5812

  • Be able to set up and maintain a computerised payroll system
  • Be able to set up and maintain employee records within a computerised payroll system
  • Be able to enter details of gross pay elements into the computerised payroll system
  • Be able to enter details of voluntary and statutory deductions
  • Be able to process the payroll within given timescales
  • Be able to reconcile the payroll and produce internal and external reports according to given timescales

Learning Resources Available

The learning resources for this qualification can be found here

How much will it cost?

Student’s studying or wanting to study through a training provider, (classroom based or distance learning) should contact potential training providers to get an idea of the total cost for the qualification. As the majority of the training providers will include the IAB registration fees into their own fee.

For self-study students, (those studying without a training provider) The fee would be £190

This fee covers the following:

  • Registration onto the qualification
  • All IAB assessment fees (excluding re-sits)
  • Certification upon successful completion of all assessments
  • Free IAB student membership for 1 year (click here for a list of student benefits)

If you want to find out more about self study please click here

How is it assessed?

This qualification is made up of:

1 – Online Knowledge Test

Online Knowledge tests are a series of independent short answer questions made up of multiple choice, gap fill, and true or false type questions. They are assessed via IABOnline and are open book. This might be taken in class or at home

2 – Online Assignments

Online Assignments are also assessed via IABOnline and are also open book. These are taken in class or at home and are short case study type questions with several tasks for each case study

1 – Paper Examination

Paper Examinations these are assessed under examination conditions. There will be a scenario which will be worked through on a computerised payroll package. A series of printouts will be generated throughout the examination and at the end. These printouts will then be submitted back to the IAB via the exam centre.

Examinations can be taken in any month and on any day (subject to the examination centre). This means that you can move up through the levels quickly as well.

Examinations require a minimum of 5 weeks notice in the UK and 8 weeks for those outside of the UK, before the examination date. This allows us enough time to process the registrations and get the examination papers dispatched

Next steps after passing

Apply for professional membership at the grade of Associate

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