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Membership Forms

In this section you should be able to find all the IAB forms to assist you throughout your time as an IAB professional member.

Transfer application form

This form allows you to move from one grade of professional membership to another.  The fee for this is a flat rate of £22 plus the difference in the annual subscription between the grade you are currently at to that which you wish to apply.

Transfer form

Application for retirement

The application for retired membership form assists the IAB in ensuring you meet the criteria for retired membership as laid out in the IAB Bye Laws.  The fee for retired membership is variable and we would ask you to contact the IAB Membership Team at membership@iab.org.uk to confirm the fee you will need to submit for your application to be considered.  This application should be submitted no later than 1st October to be considered for the following year subscription adjustment.

Retired form


Notification to resign

If you should decide you no longer wish to be a professional member of the IAB please complete this form and send it to the IAB Membership Team at membership@iab.org.uk.

Notification of resignation form