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Andy McGhee – Mindset and Motivation

In this interview, I’m speaking to Andy McGhee . Soldier, Athlete, Coach and Speaker, for what seems like two lifetimes.
Andy served in the British Army and after 14 years of service left to become a strength coach, which he has done for the last decade, opening two gyms and coaching some of the best sailing athletes in the world.
Coaching has always been his passion, starting as a canoe and kayaking coach then leading the British Army’s first descent of the Pyrenees.
Representing GB as an age group athlete, running and cycling from Morocco to Southampton are some of his achievements. Still, he feels surpassed by the passion for raising children’s charities by undertaking ultra-endurance challenges.
Life as a soldier, becoming a leader, a businessman has enabled him to pass on his experiences, ups, and downs to facilitate life-long change.
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