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  • Qualifications matter a huge deal - most jobs require some kind of training and having an IAB qualification really opens doors.

    Susan Jones
  • Distance learning was the perfect solution for me as i was able to fit it in around my full time job and enabled me to work from home when it suited me. The distance learning option meant I could work to my own time schedule and I was under no pressure to meet a deadline as I booked the exam when I wanted and fealt ready. The course was easy to follow and well structured and my training provider,Groves Training Limited, offered excellent support and feedback throughout the ...

    Deborah Ross
  • I would highly recommend distance learning as a great way to study. You need to be self-motivated but that’s great for me and it gives me the flexibility to fit studying around everything else. I can truly study at my own pace and spend more time on the areas that I find more challenging, rather than having to go at the speed of the tutor. Groves Training Services is a really committed provider which offers an excellent all round service. They have experienced, understa ...

    Jane Holland AIAAP, FIAB
  • As a member of "IAB", I find the services provided by this organisation excellent.  It helps me to achieve my work goals and keep up to date with current financial information. I really enjoyed the newsletter that I read at my own pace.  I find all the IAB staff extremely supportive.  The CPD structure is so flexible that it fits in with my other commitment. I would definitely recommend membership to anyone.What a fantastic organisation!

    MT Collins MIAB AIAAP

U-turn over NIC rises


National insurance increases for the self-employed, outlined in last week’s Budget, have been dropped.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said the government will now not increase Class 4 NICs from 9% to 11% over the next two years.

In a letter to Tory MPs he explained: “In the light of what has emerged as a clear view among colleagues and a significant section of the public, I have decided not to proceed with the Class 4 NIC measure set out in the Budget.”

The ICAEW said that the disparities between the self-employed and employed still need to be addressed. The institute’s Frank Haskew explained: “With working practices and employment patterns now very different to how they were in the past, the time is right for a thorough review on the questions of how the self-employed should be taxed and what should be the correct balance of fairness between the tax systems for the employed and the self-employed.

“Matthew Taylor’s report on the future of employment, due in the Summer, needs to provide a clear strategic direction on these questions and make recommendations to help fix some of the long-term disparities between the two systems.”