On-Boarding new recruits remotely. A checklist to get it right first time

For new staff, how the first few days of a new job are experienced has a lasting effect on how they view you as employer.

Sadly, stories abound of the yawning gap of how the job and employer was portrayed when attracting applicants to apply and what the place and people were like on day-1.  There’s even a well-used HR joke on the subject.

Did they know I was arriving?  Was there a workstation for me?  Was the IT, phone, email all set up and ready to go?  Is my arrival a welcome addition to the business, or an irritating distraction from everyone’s busy day?

Getting on-boarding right requires careful forethought at any time, but in the prevailing climate of remote working and changing Government/Health advice on whether you should/shouldn’t be in the office, the risk of new staff getting off to a bumpy start is greater than ever.

Having put all that time and effort into making the right hiring decision, here’s a simple interactive checklist to download and put in place to ensure you don’t get the new relationship off to a messy start and undo all that good work:


Happy recruiting.


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