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Tutor’s Workshop 2017

The morning started off with an introduction from Malcolm Trotter, who gave a summary of the day and the new revised layout. As well as updating on where the IAB is and the introduction of the RQF.

The first breakout session then took place, followed by a hot buffet lunch and then the second breakout session. After the second breakout session there was a small coffee and networking break before the adminstrations.

Rianan Hogg covered the rules and procedures for registrations and examinations with the IAB.

Chris Wooster then covered off the resources avaible to centres and the support that they recieve from the IAB.

The session was then finished off by Thomas Bird who covered the use of IABOnline (www.IABOnline.org.uk) with emphasis on the ‘Tutor View’ where tutors can view the tests, and test them out themselves. Thomas Bird also confirmed that the ‘manual’ bookkeeping exams in RQF would be Online and taken via IABOnline. He also introduced the fact that the IAB would be moving to an Online registration portal (QuartzWeb) as this would allow centres to track their registrations through to completion. More information about Online examinations and registrations will be sent out to the centres shortly

The Workshop then drew to a close with Tutors have the oportunity to quiz the IAB team on a one to one basis, and the Tutor collected their CPD certificates on the way out.

Key Announcements

  • Level 2 and 3 RQF ‘manual’ bookkeeping exams to be Online
  • Moving towards Online registrations
Copies of the resources from the Breakout sessions can be found below
Manual Bookkeeping
Computerised Bookkeeping