The Pensions Regulator update: Changes to Government Gateway

Towards the end of March The Pensions Regulator (TPR) will no longer be using Government Gateway as the authentication process for the Declaration of Compliance portal. Instead, employers and advisers will log in to the portal via TPR’s own system. To ensure that the changes are user friendly, a series of testing and research has been conducted over the past year.

The key changes to note to the new ‘Auto Enrolment Login’ are below:

  • The landing page includes a guidance box ‘We’ve made some changes’ in order to help employers know what they need to. An example of the landing page can be found here for an idea of what this will look and feel like for employers.
  • Employers will require a passcode, which is easily obtained by creating an account from the main landing page.
  • A ‘guest account’ has been introduced to help employers get started on their declaration without the need to set up a passcode.
  • Helpful warning/reminder messages will appear in red if an employer is close to their duties start date, in order to prompt employers to complete their declaration of compliance.
  • Those who are completing Declarations of Compliance for multiple employers will be able to view the progress for each on a ‘multi-employer dashboard’. This includes the option to search for employers and sort by declaration deadline. An example of how this page will look can be seen here.

What if a Declaration of Compliance has already been partially completed through Government Gateway?

All previous progress completed through Government Gateway will have automatically have been saved. Once a new account/passcode is created, an employer will be able to access their partially-completed declaration and carry on from where they left off.


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