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Positivity out of chaos

In this episode of the IAB podcast, we're speaking to Jenny Ainsworth the Leadership, Mindset and Motivation Consultant and we speak about how the mindset she developed coming out of a divorce and the pandemic and how she continues to thrive in a chaotic world.

Jenny designs and delivers memorable leadership, personal development and business events that transform organisations and people for the better.

Her last corporate position was working for Disney as their Training Manager for Europe, so she knows more than most how to bring the magic! She left Disney to set up her own leadership and business consultancy and since then, she’s worked on almost every continent across the globe.

Her work as an Event Speaker and delivering high impact training and development solutions help people find different perspectives and different thinking about their situations. And best of all, she helps them tap into their own unique talents, strengths and qualities in order to live and work at their best.

Jenny can be found on her website

Listen on Spotify here

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