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  • Becoming a member of IAB and now IAAP are two of the best investments I feel I could have become a part of. They represent International bodies that especially in this technological and digital age serve to keep you in the arena of being successful. In almost every fibre of business is bookkeeping and accounting and to be able to not only have the resources and benefits; you can proudly and confidently walk beside other professionals wearing your designated letters behind yo ...

    Tempie Williams, MIAB, AIAAP
  • I completed my IAB Level 1 Computerised Accounting for Business with Sage through my Adult Education College in Dec 2013 which I found to be OK but I didn’t feel that I got anything extra out of sitting in a classroom environment. I then considered learning through a distance learner and did a lot of research on the companies that actually run your courses. As Goldings were a Silver awarded company, I called them. I spoke with Di whose telephone manner was impeccable. ...

    Tracey Stewart
  • Distance learning was the perfect solution for me as i was able to fit it in around my full time job and enabled me to work from home when it suited me. The distance learning option meant I could work to my own time schedule and I was under no pressure to meet a deadline as I booked the exam when I wanted and fealt ready. The course was easy to follow and well structured and my training provider,Groves Training Limited, offered excellent support and feedback throughout the ...

    Deborah Ross
  • Qualifications matter a huge deal - most jobs require some kind of training and having an IAB qualification really opens doors.

    Susan Jones



Get registered

Are you studying QCF qualifications assessed by assignment modules, knowledge tests or projects? Make sure you are registered with the IAB within four weeks of the course starting.

Once enrolled by your centre via the online form here, you can take advantage of a year’s IAB membership. With free access to a host of study resources and advice - including past exam papers – it’s a great start to your career.

If you are not studying through an IAB accredited training centre, get in touch with our team to find out what to do next.

Assessment procedures

After registration, centres can download all the assignments and qualification tests from their restricted centre area online.

Because all assessments marked by the accredited centre have an open book policy, students needn’t be assessed under exam conditions.

Please note:

  • 25% of assessments should be internally verified by a nominated professional at the centre
  • 20% random samples should be sent to the IAB for external moderation
  • The pass mark is 70%

Front sheet

The student, tutor, and internal verifier (if relevant) must each fill in the front sheet on all answer booklets and projects. And ensure it accompanies any completed work submitted to the IAB for external moderation.

Unless the sheet has been completed by the tutor - and has the student’s signature confirming it is all their own work - assessments can’t be accepted.

Internal verification

Once centres have internally moderated 25% of assessments, the internal verifier should sign the front sheet of the answer booklet. The IAB cannot externally moderate unless internal verification has been done.

External moderation

After all candidates have submitted their assessments, each centre should select a cross-section of scripts for moderation covering a large percentage of marginal as well as higher passes. This sample should represent a minimum of 20% for each assignment, knowledge test or project.

If centres are unsure which scripts to send for external moderation, please contact the IAB’s Education Department for advice.

Results tracking

On registration, the IAB issues a tracking sheet showing the IAB Class ID, student names and numbers. When contacting the IAB, please quote the Class ID.

Each centre must:

  • Record the marks achieved
  • Email the tracking sheet back to the IAB
  • Upload the results once all tests, assignments and projects have been completed by all students

Confirming results

Please note that official results transcripts will only be issued to those students who have formally registered with the IAB and paid the course fees. Internal verification and successful external moderation must have taken place too.

On successfully completing all qualification units, Award and Certificates will be issued together with a results transcript - and sent to the training provider.

Need to re-sit?

If you’ve failed one of the units in an exam containing three or more units, you can retake it under open book conditions. In this scenario:

  • The centre should request the paper from the IAB
  • Once the re-sit has taken place, your tutor will mark the paper
  • Your paper will then be returned to the IAB for moderation
  • Internal verification isn’t required

You’ll be awarded the full qualification if you pass the unit. The fee to re-sit an assignment is £15.

If you fail at least two units in an examination containing three or more units, you have to re-sit the entire exam again. Options open to you are to apply for an on-demand exam, or to wait for the next examination session. The fee for the re-sit is £30 per exam.

Plus, if you’ve failed one unit in an examination containing two or less units, you must re-sit the whole paper as well.

Want to retake a unit you’ve passed?

Some students want to improve their grades. Always supporting ambition, the IAB allows you to re-sit an exam if you have already passed at least one unit. In this case:

  • You won’t fail a unit you have already passed
  • The higher grade will be retained even if the re-sit grade is lower
  • If your surpass your original mark, it will replace the lower one

For further advice or information, please get in touch with the IAB’s education department.