New Practising Certificate application fee plus fine


New Practising Certificate application fee plus fine


Our practicing certificate and AML supervision is currently £175.00 for one year.  By practising without AML supervision you have been in breach of the Money Laundering Regulations and IAB membership requirements.  A non-refundable fine of £175 has been added to your Practising Certificate application.

Upon receipt of payment you will receive access to AMLCC and the full Member in Practice application form. You have 4 weeks from the date of payment to complete your submission.

AML supervision will be confirmed after your completed application has been reviewed and approved by the IAB compliance team.  Please refer to the initial email for a list of all documents and evidence that will be required to ensure that you are able to complete this requirement within the given time frame.

Should you have any queries regarding our Practicing certificate forms, please do not hesitate to contact the Compliance and Professional Standards team on


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