Level 1 Award in Computerised Payroll for Business (QCF) 601/0472/7


This qualification is suitable for introducing payroll record keeping and processing, giving the candidate the necessary skills to record payroll transactions in a computerised environment using the Sage 50 payroll package.


The IAB Level 1 Award in computerised Payroll for Business  is made up of the following:

2 – Online Computerised Tests
1 – Skills Assignment

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Who is this qualification for?

The IAB Level 1 Award in computerised Payroll for Business is suitable for:

  • Individuals who are keen to gain an understanding of basic payroll procedures and also those who wish to become professional payroll processors.
  • Individuals wishing to cover the basic functions from setting up the company details, entering employee records and calculating gross pay, to processing the first payroll and running all the reports required including payslips.
  • Individuals who are complete beginners and the workbooks give clear and helpful instructions with an abundance of screenshots and activities.

What you’ll study

The IAB Level 1 Award in computerised Payroll for Business is made up of the following units:

Making gross pay calculations – F5051145 (level 1 – 2 credit)

  • Be able to calculate basic pay for different payroll periods
  • Be able to calculate overtime payable from given information
  • Be able to implement permanent changes to rates of pay from given organisational information

Payroll processing – J5051146 (level 1 – 2 credits)

  • Be able to determine Income tax to be deducted from Gross Pay.
  • Be able to determine National Insurance Contributions to be deducted from Gross Pay.
  • Be able to reconcile the payroll and make payments to employees

Computerised payroll administration – T5051157 (Level 1 – 4 credits)

  • Be able to set up a computerised payroll system
  • Be able to set up employee records and payroll data in a computerised payroll system
  • Be able to enter details of gross pay into the computerised payroll system
  • Be able to process the payroll
  • Be able to back up and/or restore payroll data
  • Understand statutory requirements for submitting information

Learning Resources Available

Once the course fees have been paid and the learner registered, they will get a full copy of the latest version of Sage 50 Payroll, which will be time limited for them to use for the duration of their course.  This means the learner can work at home and ensures they are up to date with the latest software developments.

The learner will also receive two workbooks that covers the full course.  The workbooks include not only the practical work using Sage software, but also the underpinning payroll knowledge to cover the learning required for coverage of the knowledge units.  There are an abundance of screen shots from the software, so they can see what processes they should be doing and how that relates to payroll processing.

NB – Students can register for this qualification without requesting the Sage disc and workbooks.

Next Steps

Upon successful completion of this qualification you could move onto one of the following:

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