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Level 3 Diploma in Payroll (QCF) 601/0732/7 – Apprenticeship version


This qualification includes routine and complex payroll tasks, including the calculation of gross pay, processing of the payroll for employees and directors, completion of payroll verification and reconciliation routines. Using commercially available computerised payroll software.

The IAB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll is made up of:

4 – Paper Knowledge tests
1 – Project
3 – Assignments
1 – Examination

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Who is this qualification for?

The IAB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll is suitable for:

  • Individuals who are aspiring to become, or who are already, professional payroll processors and administrators.
  • Individuals who already have some payroll experience and who wish to acquire further skills and knowledge required of Payroll Clerks and Payroll Administrators.
  • Individuals who already hold the IAB Level 1 Award and Level 2 Certificate in Payroll or the IAB Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Payroll.
  • Individuals who are already employed in payroll or allied roles and who wish to enhance their firm foundation and the knowledge and skills to perform some advanced routine and non-routine tasks.
  • Individuals who may wish to continue to a higher level of study in payroll and related subjects and qualifications.

What you’ll study

The IAB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll contains the following units:

Employment legislation for payroll – T/601/8136 (level 3 – 2 credits)

  • Understand employment rights and related legislation as it applies to payroll
  • Understand attachment of earnings legislation
  • Understand data security and protection legislation in relation to payroll

Statutory and non-statutory reporting of payroll data – D/505/1296 (level 3 – 2 credits)

  • Understand statutory reporting requirements
  • Understand the non-statutory reporting requirements

PAYE, Income tax and National Insurance Contributions – A/505/1337 (level 3 – 5 credits)

  • Understand the relevant tax authority and legislation
  • Understand types of payments and deductions and how these are made
  • Know what needs to be communicated to external agencies and employees in relation to PAYE and NIC

Theory of termination of employment – J/505/1339 (level 3 – 3 credits)

  • Understand the process for termination of employment payments
  • Understand other processes for leavers

Work effectively in accounting and finance – Y/504/3973 (level 2 – 5 credit)

  • Understand the accounting or payroll function within an organisation
  • Be able to use a range of communication skills
  • Work independently or a s part of a team
  • Develop skills and knowledge to meet personal and organisational needs
  • Understand ethical values and principles
  • Understand sustainable values

Determining Gross Pay – L/505/1293 (level 3 – 4 credits)

  • Be able to process payroll information
  • Be able to ensure that all legislation for statutory payments is followed correctly
  • Be able to identify any errors and respond to queries effectively

Payroll processing – R/505/1294 (level 3 – 4 credits)

  • Be able to process the payroll
  • Be able to ensure compliance with current legislation
  • Be able to communicate effectively with both internal and external parties

Period end processing – T/505/1353 (level 3 – 2 credits)

  • Be able to complete period end procedure effectively
  • Be able to prepare third party payments

Termination of employment – M/505/1349 (level 3 – 3 credits)

  • Be able to process redundancy and termination payments
  • Be able to process other items related to termination

Payroll verification and reconciliation – R/505/1389 (level 3 – 2 credits)

  • Understand organisational procedures
  • Be able to perform a range of period end payroll reconciliations accurately
  • Be able to perform a range of annual payroll reconciliations accurately

Computerised Payroll administration – L/505/1391 (level 3 – 8 credits)

  • Be able to set up a computerised payroll system
  • Be able to set up employee records and payroll data in a computerised payroll system
  • Be able to enter details of gross pay into the computerised payroll system
  • Be able to enter voluntary and statutory additions and Deductions
  • Be able to process the payroll
  • Be able to produce reports to enable reconciliation of payments and deductions to external agencies
  • Understand how and why payroll data is maintained

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