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  • Becoming a member of IAB and now IAAP are two of the best investments I feel I could have become a part of. They represent International bodies that especially in this technological and digital age serve to keep you in the arena of being successful. In almost every fibre of business is bookkeeping and accounting and to be able to not only have the resources and benefits; you can proudly and confidently walk beside other professionals wearing your designated letters behind yo ...

    Tempie Williams, MIAB, AIAAP
  • Karen Groves at Groves Training Services has been exceptionally supportive from my first enquiry, throughout both courses and during Examination Stage. She always made herself available whenever I had a query and answered my query in a very thorough & professional manner. The coursework was upto date and easy to follow. I have studied both IAB Level 1 and 2 Manual Bookkeeping with Groves Training Services and I highly recommend them as a Distance Learning Centre.

    Kerry Weaver
  • Studying on a distance learning course is a really flexible way of tailoring your studies around your work and home life. For this reason distance learning really appealed to me. I have a busy life and trying to commit to a set day or evening every week was difficult for me. I was able to study when and where I wanted and also being able to control how quickly I could complete the course was so helpful. I was always confident I was on top of my studies; if I was busy one week ...

    Caroline Lylak
  • I found that studying through distance learning was excellent – there is a lot to learn, but the courses are well structured and make sense, the self test assessments are good for reinforcing what I had learned, and the workbooks are comprehensive and explain things well. The support I got from Di Garbera at Golding Computer Services was great - she is always happy to help and I never felt “stuck”. All in all a great start to my bookkeeping learning journey!

    Adam Watson

Registered Bookkeeper™ - the ultimate designation in the Profession

Be at the top of your profession - Registered Bookkeeper™

Fellow membership is a mark of professional excellence, a signal to employers and businesses that you are at the very top of your field.

As the highest grade of IAB membership, a Fellow is a special accolade as it:

  • Symbolises your proven expertise and experience
  • Gives you credibility as a Registered Bookkeeper™
  • Enables you to use the letters FIAB after your name

And, of course - as with all levels of IAB membership - you can continue to enhance your skills through on-going professional development.

How to achieve Fellow status

Once qualified at level 2, you can apply for Associate membership – granting you recognition of AIAB letters after your name.

When qualified at level 3 in bookkeeping or computerised bookkeeping/accounting, you are eligible for full IAB membership. Designatory letters – MIAB – after your name demonstrates your more senior status and competence.

An additional two years’ experience enables you to advance from a Member at level 3 to the prestigious title - Fellow. Level 3 in both manual bookkeeping and computerised bookkeeping/accounting is a prerequisite.

As a Fellow, you join a respected league of professionals who can use the ultimate bookkeeping title - Registered Bookkeeper ™.

To find out how you can apply for Fellow membership, simply get in touch with the membership team at or 01732 897750.

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