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Renewal Statements

Thank you for renewing your professional membership.

Please could you complete and submit the renewal statements form below.

This will complete the renewal process.

Please confirm the statements below are correct. You will not automatically lose your IAB membership if you are unable to confirm all of the statements below, however you must provide an explanation in the box below.

If any of your contact details have changed please contact the Membership Department (membership@iab.org.uk)

I confirm I have not been:
debarred or refused membership of any professional body in the last year.
subject to disciplinary proceedings by any professional body in the past year.
convicted of any criminal offence in the past year. (This declaration is subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)
banned or disqualified from being a company director by Companies House over the past year.
declared bankrupt or entered into an IVA or other formal debt agreement within the last year.
refused Anti-Money Laundering Supervision by another AML Supervisor, this does include HMRC.

I confirm there is nothing pending in respect of any of the above statements

I certify that to the best of my knowledge all the statements are true and complete.

I understand if I wish to resign my membership I must give formal notice to the IAB in writing, either by email to membership@iab.org.uk or post sent to the head office address. Please note we do not offer pro rata refunds if you cancel your membership part way through the year.