Share the benefits, share the reward

Recommendation reward scheme

As a member of the IAB, you already recognise the benefits that membership can bring. Now we can add one more!


Your colleagues and friends deserve access to the same benefits you receive as an IAB member.

If you have a friend or colleague who works as a bookkeeper or accountant and you would like them to join you in a professional body for people who make businesses better, there has never been a more rewarding time to do so than now.

If they have a commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of bookkeeping, then why not recommend them for IAB professional membership? They will gain the industry recognition and status they deserve, for a reduced fee, and you will get a reward too.

Please complete this simple form with your details and the details of the person you would like to recommend. The membership department will then contact them with details of membership and with an invitation to join. We will also offer them a £20 reduction on the application fee.

If your nominee is accepted into full IAB professional membership, as a thank you we will send you an Amazon voucher for £20, or you can enjoy £20 off your next membership renewal – the choice is yours.

Please note, IAB members will receive a reward for a maximum of two recommendations a year. This will only be valid once the application for membership of the new member has been approved. The contact details for the nominee will only be used for this express purpose.

Make your nomination

Please confirm the person you are nominating is aware that you are passing on their details

If your nominee is accepted into IAB professional membership, please indicate whether you would prefer:

£20 Amazon voucher£20 off your next membership renewal