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Scotland to trial four-day working week

Scotland to trial four-day working week
The Scottish government is to launch trials of a four-day working week, without any loss of pay for employees.
A recent IPPR Scotland survey showed that 80% of workers are in favour of the proposal, which was a manifesto pledge by the SNP.
The reduction in hours will boost mental wellbeing and increase productivity, its supporters say – 65% of those polled said they thought they would be more productive if they had a shorter working week.
A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The pandemic has served to intensify interest in and support for more flexible working practices, which could include a shift to a four-day working week.
“Reductions in the working week might help sustain more and better jobs and enhance wellbeing.
“We are in the early stages of designing a £10 million pilot that will help companies explore the benefits and costs of moving to a four-day working week. The pilot will allow us to develop a better understanding of the implications of a broader shift to a shorter working week across the economy.”

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