Tax avoidance rife in… harrow!

Tax avoidance rife in… Harrow!

Tax avoidance rife in… Harrow!
The London suburb of Harrow has been named as the centre of tax avoidance in the UK for 2021, with 346 taxpayers coming forward to admit tax avoidance last year, placing it first out of 120 areas of the UK.
The number of people admitting to tax avoidance in Harrow jumped 280% since last year, when only 91 taxpayers came forward. It has taken the crown from last year’s ‘winner’, the affluent area of south-west London, home to the wealthy neighbourhoods of Chelsea, South Kensington and Wimbledon.
As a result of this bumper year, Harrow now has more disclosures of tax avoidance than the cities of Leicester (141), Nottingham (104) and Manchester (96) combined.
Well-off neighbourhoods in London, such as Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Putney, as well as the surrounding Home Counties of Surrey and Berkshire, continue to make up nine of the top 10 areas for reporting tax avoidance.