Top ten tips for your business during the lockdown.

Top ten tips for your business during the lockdown.

During this time of lockdown, it’s easy to get despondent and close up, so here are our 10 tips to help you get moving and boost your business.

1: Take some time to go through your website.
Your contact page, for example, does it actually work if you were to send an email from there or a message, does it land in your inbox? Check things like that out. Go through it, log into the dashboard or the backend, whatever you’re using and make sure it’s all set up and working. Is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) set up properly? Do the titles of all the images on your site have your details on them or are they uploaded with codes on them and then left?
Go through that, do a spring clean of your website. So often, the website goes up and then you just leave it. You’ll put blogs on there but you don’t touch anything else. So go in there and review it.

2: Start video blogging.
This is an excellent way for your clients and your target market to see you.
A video is incredibly powerful for you to get your message across and for your audience to see the real you.
It can be daunting the first time but once you get the hang of it, it can work wonders. Check out this quick video guide

3. Start a podcast.
Again, do some research. Play around whilst we’ve now got this time. If you are being reduced financially with clients, take that as a moment to think, “Okay, let’s go forward. What else can I do?” Start researching into podcasts on YouTube. Write some titles down of what you can talk about. It’s all about adding value to the marketplace. Adding value and your thoughts. Check out this link on podcasts

4: Write a blog.
Jim Rohn once said “You’re paid for the value you bring to the marketplace, not your time”. And A good way to share your knowledge is by writing a blog. Writing a blog on your website also (too repetitive) as this shows Google that your website is alive and it will reward you for it.

5: Create a free download.
If someone’s coming to your website and you’re not offering them something in return for their name and email address, all you will see in the stats for your website is that someone has visited. That’s almost like someone playing knock and run. Give them something of value, so they leave their name and email and then you’ve got their details, and then you can build up a relationship with them. It needs to be something of value that is of interest to them.
To help deliver the email, you need a good quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. A cheap one is
You can link this to your website and it can deliver your emails automatically to your subscribers helping your website work for you 24/7. Here’s a video from Mailchimp that explains more

6: Start virtual networking.
In this time of lockdown where isolation can be hard for some, reaching out to them is a great way to build relationships and stay in touch. Why not get a group of your clients together for a meeting?
You can use Skype or Zoom and both are pretty easy to set up and are free unless you plan on really expanding the number of people on the call.

You could even set up a mastermind group and discuss issues and help each other out. I’m sure everyone will have a different skillset and this can really help in a group meeting because there will be lots of help and advice to offer out.

7. Write an email nurture campaign.
If someone signs up for your free e-book, you will need to build up a relationship with them via email.
This is a series of automated emails sent over a period of time which provides value to them and also helps them build up a level of trust with you.
Think of it as going from a cold lead to a warm lead all on autopilot.

Click here to download this email nurture campaign setup guide.

8. Start creating memes.
If you’re using social media, a good way to get your message out is to create a graphic. These are called Memes. I recommend using something like which allows you to load up your logo, brand colours and images.
You can then create little promos for yourself and publish them online.

9. Review all of your marketing.
Go through it all. How are your emails? Do you have an email signature? What is your website like? What’s your social media like? Start reviewing it all, do a spring clean. Same as I said on point number 1 about going through your website. Do a spring clean. (repeated) What are you putting out there? Does it all look similar? Are you using the same font, the same colours and the same style of imagery?
A good royalty-free image source is Never just take an image off Google, it will be copyrighted and misuse carries a heavy fine.

All your marketing should be congruent. A congruent brand is a strong brand.

10. Get inspired.
Being on lockdown and in isolation can be hard mentally and it’s easy to get despondent. Find something to inspire you. TED Talks have some fascinating topics that will help motivate and inspire you. Check out their YouTube channel 

Or listen to podcasts, there are some brilliant ones out there that cover all sorts of subjects.
It’s really important to use this time wisely. When everything comes back online again you need to make sure that you are ready and raring to go because the marketplace will be fierce.


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