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  • I found studying by Distance Learning a lot better than I thought it would be. The text books provided with the course are excellent, and I was able to complete the course a lot quicker than I would have been able to following a college-based curriculum.

    Rosemary Bishop
  • Becoming a member of IAB and now IAAP are two of the best investments I feel I could have become a part of. They represent International bodies that especially in this technological and digital age serve to keep you in the arena of being successful. In almost every fibre of business is bookkeeping and accounting and to be able to not only have the resources and benefits; you can proudly and confidently walk beside other professionals wearing your designated letters behind yo ...

    Tempie Williams, MIAB, AIAAP
  • In 2011 I enrolled at the UWI Open Campus in Barbados to pursue the Level 3 Diploma in Bookkeeping & Accounting.  Taking that first course was like a refresher for me which led to me taking another course.  As the studies progressed they became challenging but with the help of my tutor Mr. Brathwaite and Louise Scott my personal attendant at IAB it became easier and led to my successful completion of three Level 3 exams. I even attained my MIAB designation.  ...

    Suzanne Greene MIAB
  • As a member of "IAB", I find the services provided by this organisation excellent.  It helps me to achieve my work goals and keep up to date with current financial information. I really enjoyed the newsletter that I read at my own pace.  I find all the IAB staff extremely supportive.  The CPD structure is so flexible that it fits in with my other commitment. I would definitely recommend membership to anyone.What a fantastic organisation!

    MT Collins MIAB AIAAP

Total Home Study

What is total home study?

Total Home Study is where the student teaches themselves either from existing knowledge, from the IAB Study Text books which can be bought here or from other teaching and learning resources. This method of study has no tutor support.

What are the fees for total home study?

The total home study fees for our qualifications can be found here.

What questions should I ask about total home study?

With Total Home Study, you would receive NO tutor support what so ever.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

- How long am I going to set myself to complete this qualification?

- Where will I get study materials from?

- Is this the right Level of qualification for me?

Where and how can I sit the exam if I'm doing total home study?

A list of all our external exam centres can be found here.

How can I register for total home study?

To register for the qualification, you would need to contact the IAB directly in order to receive the relevant registration form.

This can be done by filling out the form below, and choosing the qualification you would like to register for.

Request Total Home Study Registration Form