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  • Distance learning was the perfect solution for me as i was able to fit it in around my full time job and enabled me to work from home when it suited me. The distance learning option meant I could work to my own time schedule and I was under no pressure to meet a deadline as I booked the exam when I wanted and fealt ready. The course was easy to follow and well structured and my training provider,Groves Training Limited, offered excellent support and feedback throughout the ...

    Deborah Ross
  • As a member of "IAB", I find the services provided by this organisation excellent.  It helps me to achieve my work goals and keep up to date with current financial information. I really enjoyed the newsletter that I read at my own pace.  I find all the IAB staff extremely supportive.  The CPD structure is so flexible that it fits in with my other commitment. I would definitely recommend membership to anyone.What a fantastic organisation!

    MT Collins MIAB AIAAP
  • Having worked in my own business for many years and being the one responsible for looking after the bookkeeping side of things, when I sold my business some years ago I thought that this was a skill that I could put to good use so Total Bookkeeping services was born and started out at the age of 57 on a new career path. Having some bookkeeping skills I wanted to become qualified and provide my clients with the best possible quality of work so I searched for a training provid ...

    David Wright (MIAB)
  • The IAB course has given me a passion for bookkeeping and now I have an internationally recognised qualification to help me build my career. The course motivated me to learn more about how businesses work and has made me realise how in-demand bookkeeping is – I know my skills will always be needed. With distance learning you can work at your own pace around your commitments. This was great for me plus, I get the one-to-one support I need from professional tutors.

    Wathsala Ediribandarage

Total Home Study

What is total home study?

Total Home Study is where the student teaches themselves either from existing knowledge, from the IAB Study Text books which can be bought here or from other teaching and learning resources. This method of study has no tutor support.

What are the fees for total home study?

The total home study fees for our qualifications can be found here.

What questions should I ask about total home study?

With Total Home Study, you would receive NO tutor support what so ever.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

- How long am I going to set myself to complete this qualification?

- Where will I get study materials from?

- Is this the right Level of qualification for me?

Where and how can I sit the exam if I'm doing total home study?

A list of all our external exam centres can be found here.

How can I register for total home study?

To register for the qualification, you would need to contact the IAB directly in order to receive the relevant registration form.

This can be done by filling out the form below, and choosing the qualification you would like to register for.

Request Total Home Study Registration Form