Warning to Windows 7 users

People using the Windows 7 operating system on their PC are being warned that they need to upgrade as Microsoft has stopped issuing ‘fix-its’ for the ageing system.

The decade-old OS still drives about a third of devices using Windows globally, but on 14 January this year the firm stopped providing patches to fix any problems.

Industry experts say users some features could stop functioning in Windows 7, and that a lack of security updates means they could even face cyber attacks. While Windows 7 will continue to work, they advise upgrading to Windows 10.

Tech website ZDNet said that “Microsoft is telling users that their PCs are more vulnerable to viruses and malware due to no security updates, no software updates and no tech support.

“Microsoft strongly recommends using Windows 10 on a new PC for the latest security features and protection against malicious software.”

More information can be found on Microsoft’s website.


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