Why remote invigilation is here to stay

Why remote invigilation is here to stay
Remote invigilation (RI) of exams is here to stay, according to recent research conducted for Eintech, which provides bespoke software for education.
The research focused on evaluating the current experience of candidates taking online assessments and achieving an understanding of what online assessments may look in 2027, said Eintech Senior Product Manager Anna Kate Phelan.
Through a number of interviews and surveys, it was found that remote invigilation currently had a user friendliness score of 89%, with only one in 10 people giving RI a rating of average to poor.
Phelan said the main benefits of remote invigilation named by participants were that they felt more comfortable and relaxed than when sitting a paper-based exams (44%); that it was more flexible and convenient (21%); that is was easier and more straightforward (20%); that there were fewer distractions (8%); and not having to travel time (6%).
The research also suggests that with online assessments already being seen as valid as in-person assessments it is likely that by 2027 they will have replaced a majority of them. It may be that the modern learner begins to demand online assessment and opts for assessments that can be taken from home.
Automation and expanded capacity means assessment can happen in any time zone, and is available 24/7, said Phelan. She commented: “It is anticipated demand for online assessments will only increase in future, developing growth opportunities through market expansion and diversification into other areas.
“Remote invigilation is here to stay for the long haul.”