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Working from home works for women

Working from home works for women
Working from home boosts career progression, say more than half of women responding to a BBC survey.
The poll, conducted by YouGov, found 56% of women believe WFH will help them progress at work because childcare and caring duties are easier to manage.
Researchers found that nearly two-thirds (65%) of managers agree that home working helps advance women’s careers.
However, not everyone was in agreement, with a quarter of women worried that WFH could actually damage their career prospects. There was also concern that it could also lead to lower salaries in the long-term.
The YouGov survey found that the biggest ‘believers’ in WFH as a career benefit were women in the 18 to 24 age range (65%) and those living in London (61%). By contrast, just 49% of women surveyed in Scotland agreed.

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