You are being stalked!

Do you feel like you are being stalked? Well, that could be the case, as a third of recruiters say they regularly use social media to ‘research’ potential candidates.

Despite this fact, the same poll found one in four finance professionals don’t set their social media profiles to private.

CV-Library’s study looked into both the attitudes towards social media and the effect it has on employability.

It discovered that over three-quarters of candidates (77.3%) expect to be ‘Googled’ by potential employers and recruiters, with 75% revealing they are now more careful about what they post online.

Over two-thirds of candidates also believe that recruiters will judge them based on what they post on their social media profiles. And they would be right, as 69.8% of recruiters confirmed that they are influenced by what they find online!

The selfie is another problem area. Some 61.2% of recruiters said that selfies are not acceptable for use on professional profiles. Finance professionals agreed, and 56.6% felt these types of photos look unprofessional.

CV-Library’s Lee Biggins said: “The selfie craze has taken off in recent years, but recruiters don’t appreciate these being used for professional purposes. While you might not think your pictures are incriminating in any way, there are certain negative connotations that come with selfies that could cost you a job. Instead, be sure to use a photo that is as professional as possible.”


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