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  • Becoming a member of IAB and now IAAP are two of the best investments I feel I could have become a part of. They represent International bodies that especially in this technological and digital age serve to keep you in the arena of being successful. In almost every fibre of business is bookkeeping and accounting and to be able to not only have the resources and benefits; you can proudly and confidently walk beside other professionals wearing your designated letters behind yo ...

    Tempie Williams, MIAB, AIAAP
  • As a member of "IAB", I find the services provided by this organisation excellent.  It helps me to achieve my work goals and keep up to date with current financial information. I really enjoyed the newsletter that I read at my own pace.  I find all the IAB staff extremely supportive.  The CPD structure is so flexible that it fits in with my other commitment. I would definitely recommend membership to anyone.What a fantastic organisation!

    MT Collins MIAB AIAAP
  • I would highly recommend distance learning as a great way to study. You need to be self-motivated but that’s great for me and it gives me the flexibility to fit studying around everything else. I can truly study at my own pace and spend more time on the areas that I find more challenging, rather than having to go at the speed of the tutor. Groves Training Services is a really committed provider which offers an excellent all round service. They have experienced, understa ...

    Jane Holland AIAAP, FIAB
  • Studying on a distance learning course is a really flexible way of tailoring your studies around your work and home life. For this reason distance learning really appealed to me. I have a busy life and trying to commit to a set day or evening every week was difficult for me. I was able to study when and where I wanted and also being able to control how quickly I could complete the course was so helpful. I was always confident I was on top of my studies; if I was busy one week ...

    Caroline Lylak

IAB – your route to University?

Further your career ... study at university

If you have a clutch of level 3 IAB qualifications, you can now head to university to study for a higher degree. You won’t even need to follow the traditional ‘A’ level route. How come?

Numerous UK universities and professional institutes – including Chartered Accountancy bodies – accept IAB qualifications as entry points, or exemption towards qualifications.

With vocational qualifications already in the bag, studying at university can boost your long-term career prospects even more.

The University of Northampton

Do you hold both the IAB level 3 Diploma in Accounting and Advanced Bookkeeping and IAB level 3 Certificate in Cost and Management Accounting?

If yes, you can enrol onto the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance programme at the University of Northampton. For more information about the course, please click here.

The University of Bolton

If you’d like to study near Manchester, the University of Bolton offers a brilliant opportunity. IAB members, who hold the following three diplomas at level 3, can study for the BA (Hons) Accountancy degree programme:

  • Cost and Management Accounting diploma
  • Accounting and Advanced Bookkeeping diploma
  • Business Law diploma

The university also offers exemptions to IAB members who – as well as the above - hold a level 4 diploma in Financial Information for Managers and Accounting to International Standards

If English is not your first language, you can only gain entry to a UK university if you have taken the IELTS test - achieving a minimum score of level 6.

Want to settle in the UK?

If you are applying for residency through the Border Agency, IAB qualifications are recognised within the points-based immigration system.

If you’re not sure where to go from here, or need further advice about your choices, get in touch with the IAB team.