How to become a qualified bookkeeper

Simple steps to becoming a qualified professional bookkeeper

Step one

Start your future today by registering for one of our regulated bookkeeping qualifications. Packed with practical techniques, expert information and skills-based training, an IAB bookkeeping qualification gives you a firm foundation from which to launch your career.

Better still, with home study and distance and classroom-based learning options, you can decide how you study. Find your nearest centre here:

Step two 

With a professional qualification under your belt, your choices are endless:

  • Set up a lucrative business as a qualified bookkeeper
  • Secure a position in a local accountancy practice
  • Keep your own finances in check, saving accountancy fees
  • Boost earning potential by continuing your studies

Of course, it doesn’t stop there…

Step three

  • You never stop learning! This is certainly true when you apply for IAB professional membership. To join as a professional member you need level 2 or above qualifications as a minimum. You’ll open the door to a world of opportunity:
  • Elevate your status with recognised letters after your name
  • Access business boosting benefits to save you time and money
  • Extend your skills through continued professional development

Business advantages, tools to streamline your day-to-day practices, technical information keeping you at the forefront of your industry. What could be better?

Step four

Comply with the law: If you manage clients’ accounts in your own bookkeeping practice, you must register by law for anti-money laundering supervision.

Be in the know: You’ll also access a goldmine of information: time-saving templates, technical guidance. And because your Members’ Handbook is online, you can access it when you need it.

Checklist for a successful bookkeeping business

  • Get qualified and gain IAB professional membership so you’re on a legal, professional footing
  • Choose a convenient workplace: at home, rented office space or clients’ premises
  • Invest in computer and business software
  • Promote your business through networking, mail-shots, social media
  • Protect your career with Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Check whether you need to register under the Data Protection Act
  • Continue your professional development so you’re always one step ahead

To chat with one of our team about taking the first step, get in touch with us here. 

Alternatively, click here if you are a small business looking for a qualified bookkeeper.