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  • Distance learning was the perfect solution for me as i was able to fit it in around my full time job and enabled me to work from home when it suited me. The distance learning option meant I could work to my own time schedule and I was under no pressure to meet a deadline as I booked the exam when I wanted and fealt ready. The course was easy to follow and well structured and my training provider,Groves Training Limited, offered excellent support and feedback throughout the ...

    Deborah Ross
  • There are several things I like about being a member of the IAB, but I think the most important one to me personally is that the organisation is about people.  Helping people, training people and encouraging people to be great bookkeepers. I'm certain my business wouldn't have survived it's first year without their guidance and reassurance.

    Michael Wood AIAB
  • Qualifications matter a huge deal - most jobs require some kind of training and having an IAB qualification really opens doors.

    Susan Jones
  • I found that studying through distance learning was excellent – there is a lot to learn, but the courses are well structured and make sense, the self test assessments are good for reinforcing what I had learned, and the workbooks are comprehensive and explain things well. The support I got from Di Garbera at Golding Computer Services was great - she is always happy to help and I never felt “stuck”. All in all a great start to my bookkeeping learning journey!

    Adam Watson

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Employers today only recruit staff with proven talent. Fact. That’s why it’s crucial to set yourself apart. Ask yourself this. Wouldn’t you rather:

  • Enjoy the recognition you’ve worked so hard for?
  • Promote your business credentials the easy way?
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Now you can. In fact, the moment you join the IAB as a full member, you open the door to opportunities enjoyed by over 10,000 members worldwide. That’s not all...

Unbeatable benefits

Whether you specialise in accounting, bookkeeping or payroll, could this be the day you take your career to the next level? The day you access better job prospects ... higher income ... expert career support?

Join today, you’ll be entitled to:

  • Unlimited career and technical advice
  • Money-saving discounts and privileges
  • Professional development to expand your skills

And because you are endorsed by one of the most professional awarding bodies in the UK, you can enjoy the prestige of recognised letters after your name.

Why not explore the diverse routes to membership here, as well as the full list of special benefits here? It couldn’t be easier to join the IAB too. Just register your interest here, and we’ll be in touch. 

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